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Venster UPVC windows With an immaculate track record of over five decades "Maroors" is a well - established business house with interests in diverse fields such as Trading Automobiles, Machine Tools, Power Generation, Organic Farming, Aluminium Joineries, Structural Glazing and Interiors among othes.

Since inception our Group has been committed to ethical trade practices.  Over the years with several accoades to our credit, we have earned an invaluable reputation for quality control and timely delivery in all our projects.

Venster - UPVC Windows     

In our corstant endeavour to keep in tune with the changing times to fulfill the needs of society we have launched yet another new range of products UPVC windows.  We are committed to protect the environment, hence we have ventured out to manufactrue eco friendly products usin UPVC.

Maroor impex - Our state-of-the -art manufacturing facility situated at Baikampady, Mangalore is perhaps the only one of its kind in coastal Karnataka.  We are equipped with the latest imported machinery and equipments which are at par with global standards in the manufacture of UPVC windows.

The raw materials we use are procured from one of the world's largest manufacturers of UPVC profiles.  We use only heavy duty profiles specially designed to suit the highly variant tropical weather conditions.  Our unit is professionally managed, backed by well trained managers along with a team of skilled and efficient workforce.

As before we remain steadfast in carrying forward our groups' hallmark commitment to deliver quality products on time.

About UPVC
UPVC - Unplasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride - is a specially compound created after nearly thirty years of intensive research and development.  UPVC has become the primary substance in the manufacture of windows, doors, and other building materials in the construction industry.  Researchers and scientists comphasize that in all likelihood, there will not be another compound in the near future with better standards for durability and overall performance in outdoor commercial application products.

UPVC material embodies the properties that modern world construction demands for lower maintenance costs and improved insulation and durability.  UPVC also has much lower maintenance costs than wood considering it doesn't have to be repainted and resealed regularly.  This allows it to maintain competitive prices making it economically attractive when compared to its traditional counter parts.

Thanks to modern science and many years of research and development UPVC has become the most sophisticated substance available for windows, door shutters automobile body parts, building materials and more.

UPVC is an excellent insulator.  With the frames accounting for up to 30% of the total area of a window it is important that the material used ocntributes to the insulaiton thus providing maximum thermal and acourstic properties.  Aluminium is  a very poor insulator and allows for heat transfer through the frames even when thermally broken.

UPVC is more than twice as efficient resuiting in far greater energy savings.  UPVC is a stable and inert material which will withstand extremes of heat and cold without corroding, chipping, peeling or flaking.  UPVC windows have been installed in millions of homes throughout Europe and America that are still functioning satisfactorily after sixty years.  They have been used even in the harsh UV conditions in Australia for over twenty years without problem.

Advantages of Venster Windows
Lifelong Durability
High Weather Resistance even in coastal areas
Maximum Wind Resistance
Termite Resistance
Impace Resistance
Fire Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
UV Stability - Efficient Thermal Insulation
High Acoustic / Sound Insulation
Water Tightness / Weather Tightness
Pollution Free
Ageing Resistance
Ecologically sound as it is 100% recyclable
Burglar Resistance
Low on Maintenance
HIghly adaptable to architectural requirements
And above all self-earning by saving 30% of your energy bills

Types of Windows

Sliding Windows
The Sliding Window System is used if the window should not be turned or tilted for opening.  Ideal solution for narrow spaces, developed for balcony, terrace and may indoor applications.  Stainless roller track and low friction adjustable tandem rollers keep panels sliding easily for years.
Casement Windows
Casement WIndows and Doors are hinged at the sides and can be built for inside or outside opening.

The type of opening is up to your choice.  For outside opening the security grills have either to be fitted inside, which makes it very difficult to clean the window or if put outside, designed in such a way that there is sufficient space to ope the window.

If the window is made for inside opening, then the security grill can be fitted outside which allows for easy cleaning of both sides of the window.


Tilt 'n' Turn
The tilted position is a burglar proof partial opening to ventilate the building without any danger of any person being abl to enter through the window or opening it from outside.

Another open window often causes a draft due to the direct path of the outside wind into the room.  With a tilted window the outside air is channeled through the sides of the window, while hot air escapes through the top.  You can leave the windows tilted open even during the rains (tilted approximately 150mm / 6 inches inwards)

In the turning position the window opens fully. In the position the glass can be cleaned on both sides from the inside of the building without dangerous stretching or climbing.  A quarter turn of the handle opens the window fully; another quarter turn will tilt the window.



State-of-the-art manufacturing facility


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